Passion Innovation Group

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business"
Henry Ford

neuroCare Group

The neuroCare Group offers sustainable outcomes in therapy for ADHD, depression, chronic pain and for rehabilitation. neuroCare’s superior efficacy is achieved by integrating the work of Psychotherapists with leading neuromodulation technologies and neuroCare’s own treatment protocols. The therapy is drug free and side effect free as well as personalised to each patient.

The company is made up of three leading brands. Their technology brand, neuroConn, is a global leader and industry pioneer in tDCS, neurofeedback and EEG technologies. This is anchored by the training, science and neuroLink exchange run by the neuroCademy division. At the same time neuroCare is establishing a global network of its own clinics, offering personalized care to patients with scientifically proven efficacy.