Passion Innovation Group


aesthetiCare is the company behind coolPen, an innovation in dermatological treatment (e.g.) tattoo removal without residues in the lymph nodes and being able to remove all colours. coolPen offers a breakthrough technique in skin ablation without the side-effects associated with current techniques. Tests conducted on the coolPen prototype demonstrate effective and low pain treatment, with simultaneous anti-infect cooling of the wound.

coolPen is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-competitive device which can be applied by non-medical personnel.

coolPen has high market potential, addressing a range of dermatological indications such as tattoo removal, scars, deborrheic keratosis (age related skin lesions), actinic keratosis (skin cancers) and wound care.

The coolPen device has been engineered and developed with Seleon GmbH, a global leader in Medtech engineering (GE Medical, Draeger, Zeiss and Fresenius.)