Passion Innovation Group

"The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire"
Ferdinand Foch

What we are passionate about


Being active investors and entrepreneurs

We look for projects where the drivers want to build long-term value and have the stamina to see things through. Sustainable success requires passion, experience, resilience and persistence. That comes with skin in the game.

Building global Businesses

We look for innovations with a global reach and want to see them commercial as soon as possible in the first markets. With our global network, we can do it.

Our Focus is Healthcare – without pharmaceuticals

We look for new ideas that bring about real therapeutic benefits based on natural principles. Our projects also need to be in sync with the megatrends in health, e.g. foster more home and acute care delivery. See our portfolio  already changing the face of healthcare.

Systems thinking and ethical leadership

We respect that not only do we live within our community but also we live off our communities when building businesses in healthcare. We understand this connection and strive for a balance between giving and taking with all stakeholders in any venture.