Passion Innovation Group

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration"
Thomas Edison

The Passion Innovation Engine



For our portfolio companies

Our thorough review of the project starts with the market need, the time to market and the people. Then, we analyse the technical aspects in detail – regulatory strategy, product development and manufacturing. Engineering quality is as paramount for sustainable success as is a realistic business plan. Once we are invested, we help to execute and build an integrative performance-orientated culture.

For our investors

At Passion, we are entrepreneurs at heart and manage businesses first, not money. It is our way of impact investing in health. Any entrepreneur has exposure and therefore we co-invest and work with a good network of investors. You are welcome to join.

For society

We create jobs and sustainable value rather than focus on symptom management and short-term gain. Based on our beliefs, we only select projects with tangible outcomes for all stakeholders.